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Learn how to own your first share, investing in companies you know and love. While you generate daily income with our referral program to help you buy shares and create generational wealth.

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Learn everything about Shares and how to spot a well-managed company before you invest in it. Everything is simplified to accommodate everyone and can be accessed online to give our members a freedom to study at their own pace and space.

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With us you are never alone and we tell members which share to buy or sell. They access Daily Plan, Weekly Analysis, SA Watchlist and International Watchlist analysis to assist them in their decision making and get a first-hand insight into the thinking of experienced investors.

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If it's not networking, it's not working. Our referral program is a cornerstone of our program, members get paid R600 for each active Direct referral and R300 for Indirect referral - unlimited referrals. With same day withdrawals – members can easily create a daily income and buy any share, any day!

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Our Live chat allows members to instantly communicate with your support team via instant messaging. The chat simply appears within their browser window, and the member can chat with an operator by typing into the live chat asking any help or clarity.

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Owning Shares

A share gives you a “share” of the assets and profits of a company. e.g. with SHOPRITE you own a small part of every store.
• If a company does well (is growing its profits) then its share price should rise.
• Likewise, if a company is not doing well (is making losses) then its share price should fall.
• Owning a share means that you can profit from share price movements and share income (dividends).

Why does a company issue shares

At some point every company needs to raise money. This is done to expand and grow the business and advantageous because it does not to pay back loans but share profits with shareholders.

What is a Dividend

Dividends are distributions of a company's earnings to shareholders. The dividend earned on shares depends on the profits earned by the company and payment is decided by the company.

Who We Are?

PeerPower is product of Global Share Institute. GSI is a South African registered company (2018/584826/07) and member of the SAIFM. We have experience in Shares Market and affiliated with major share brokering houses on a local and international space. PeerPower platform was created to give any person from any background an opportunity to learn how to invest in companies they consume daily. And also, a referral program to help members earn and have money to invest.

9,500,000 millionaires in Global.

98% of millionaires increase or create their wealth investing in the Shares Market.

80% of them started with nothing.

Every household must own Shares


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